Falls Prevention

The Champlain Falls Prevention Strategy aims to reduce the frequency, severity and impact of preventable falls among older adults living in the region. The strategy was developed by the Champlain Falls Prevention Steering Committee, in collaboration with hospitals, primary care, community support services, the Champlain Local Health Integration Network and Public Health Units.

The following resources are intended to help health care practitioners assess the risk of falls, while providing an updated list of สล็อตออนไลน์falls prevention programsexercise classes, physiotherapy and community programs related to falls prevention.

Champlain LHIN in collaboration with Ministry Health Innovation Funding, Champlain LHIN IMPACTT Centre, GE Healthcare and other community partners is supporting a Falls Risk Screening Research Project. Falls are a leading cause of injury for older adults, resulting in a significant number of emergency room visits and hospitalizations. In fact, more than one in five seniors experience at least one fall each year. Eighty-five per cent of injury-related hospitalizations for seniors are due to falls, and falls account for roughly $55 million in health-related costs in the Champlain region every year. Therefore this project is intended for independent seniors who aren’t usually screened for falls. The goal is to identify their risks, and provide clients with strategies to avoid falls.

Specialized Geriatric Services
Geriatric services provide health care specifically related to aging, in particular the frail elderly who have multiple health problems or who have difficulty managing on their own.

Which exercise program is best for me?

Encouraging seniors to exercise and to be physically active is an important part of a fall prevention strategy. Exercise programs that promote balance training combined with strength and flexibility have been shown to be effective in significantly reducing falls and the injuries resulting from a fall. LHIN funded exercise and Fall Prevention programs are available across the Champlain region, and different levels of programs for people of different abilities are provided.

To simplify the choices and decisions for older adults, their families and health care providers, the Navigation Working Group of Champlain Fall Prevention Steering Committee has developed a flow chart. Each region has its own flow chart with local class details and contact information, but the descriptions for each level have been standardized across Champlain with consistent wording for each level of class.

Eastern Counties (Prescott Russell and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry)
Renfrew County

Falls Prevention Programs
These are evidence-based programs with a falls prevention focus, including assessments and/or interventions that may be accompanied by physiotherapy services and educational classes on falls prevention.

West End Integrated Falls Prevention Program (WEIFPP)
A multi-disciplinary (Registered nurse, Occupational therapist, Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation assistant) assessment and intervention in-home service aimed at finding the root cause of the falls (risk identification) and assisting the client to make changes to address risks identified.

Eligibility and details are on สล็อตออนไลน์

Stand Up Falls Prevention Program
An evidence-based program intended to prevent falls and injuries among independent seniors who live in the community and are concerned about falling or about their balance.

  • Offered as a group program that lasts 12 weeks consisting of: group exercises, exercises at home, education and discussion sessions
  • Includes both an educational component provided by Public Health and physiotherapy exercises provided by certified staff
  • Not ideal for seniors who have difficulty exercising while standing up or who have serious health problems
  • Open to the public for those 65 and over, and is free of charge
Better Strength, Better Balance

Group exercise program for adults aged 65+
  • Strength and balance exercises led by a certified fitness instructor
  • Tips on how to prevent falls
  • No cost to participate
  • Offered twice a week for 12 weeks. 
  • This is a beginner level class for those wishing to improve strength and balance 
  • The program is offered in winter, spring and fall

To register or for more information, please call Ottawa Public Health at 613-580-6744 (TTY 613-580-9656) or visit 

Exercise Classes

The exercise classes listed below are open to the public and free of charge for adults 65 years and over. Each class is led by a trained non-physiotherapist instructor for a duration of 30 minutes. Classes may include the following components of fitness:
  • Cardiorespiratory exercise
  • Range of motion
  • Endurance
  • Functional fitness training
  • Muscle strength
  • Balance and flexibility training

Most classes are offered at level 1. Based on the participants’ physical capabilities, the exercise class is adapted:
Level 1 – a 30 minute class including accelerated cardiovascular activity, range of motion, strength training, flexibility training. (sitting chair exercise class)
Level 2 - a 30 minute class including accelerated cardiovascular activity, range of motion, strength training with resistance tubing, Isometric strength training with balls, flexibility training and balance training. ( sitting chair and standing class)
Level 3 - Retirement Homes’ dementia floor—a 30 minute class including deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises, minimum to moderate cardiovascular activity, range of motion, and flexibility training (sitting chair exercises)

The following exercise classes are open to the public. These exercise classes are free of charge to seniors through the Champlain LHIN funding. The provider for the exercise classes is Family Physio for all sites.

Click on the specific locations below to view the services in that area.

Heartwise Exercise Classes

The Champlain CCAC is pleased to announce that it has joined with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute's Heart Wise Exercise and Family Physio to provide FREE, LHIN funded, exercise classes for older adults including (but not limited to) those living with Diabetes, Parkinson's and those who have experienced a stroke.

All Heart Wise Exercise Programs:
  • Encourage regular, daily aerobic exercise
  • Include a warm up cool down, and self-monitoring
  • Allow participants to exercise at a safe level and offers options to modify intensity
  • Include participants with chronic health conditions - physician approval may be required
  • Offer health screening for all participants
  • Have a documented emergency plan known to all exercise leaders (CPR, telephone access, AED)

The one hour classes will be adapted to match the physical capabilities of all participants.

Programs include strength, balance, flexibility and aerobic activities.

View the list of the Heartwise Exercise Classes across the region.


Eligibility for Champlain LHIN Physiotherapy Services
Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) physiotherapy services are provided to Ontario residents in their own home including supportive housing and retirement homes. The services are to support housebound clients and those clients who cannot access the required treatment or assessment elsewhere. In-home physiotherapy service is focused on helping a client recover and stabilize their physical functioning as much as possible. Once a client has reached a point where they are stable, the physiotherapist may suggest a different service or combination of services or teach the resident/caregiver a program that will help the client to continue to maintain their independence and achieve their goals. Residents will be linked to alternate community resources such as Community Health Centres and out-patient clinics, where appropriate.

Call 310-2222 to access Champlain LHIN services.

Publicly-Funded Physiotherapy Clinics
Ontario residents can access physiotherapy in publicly-funded clinics for medically necessary physiotherapy. Services funded under the program include assessment(s), diagnosis and treatment to improve, develop or rehabilitate physical function and/or promote mobility when that has been lost or impaired as a result of a debilitating event or disease, pain, injury or surgical procedure.

To be eligible for publicly-funded physiotherapy, patients must have a valid Ontario heath card and a referral from their physician or nurse practitioner and be:
  • age 65 or older;
  • age 19 or younger;
  • any age if discharged from hospital after an overnight stay for a condition requiring physiotherapy;
  • a recipient of Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program (with or without a valid Ontario health card).

View the list of Publicly-Funded Physiotherapy Clinics in the Champlain region.

Community / Municipal Programs

This section includes community-based services such as Champlain LHIN, Community Supports Services, local programming through community centres as well as municipally-led programming. It is divided by county to facilitate the referral process.