Health Resources

Lung Health Lung Health Toolkit
List of Lung Health resources for patients and providers to help you find the services in your area
Stroke Resources Stroke Resources
The Stroke Resources mini-site was developed to help people who have survived a stroke, their family members and their caregivers to connect with the services they need.
Long Term care Homes Virtual Video Tours Long Term Care Homes Virtual Video Tours
The Long-Term Care Homes Virtual Video Tours are intended to give you an idea of the options available in the Champlain region. They are not meant to replace actual touring of the homes, but may help you decide which ones to visit in person.
Exercise Classes for Seniors Exercise Classes for Seniors
The exercise classes listed below are open to the public and free of charge for adults 65 years and over. Each class is led by a trained non-physiotherapist instructor for a duration of 30 minutes.
Falls Prevention Falls Prevention
The Champlain Falls Prevention Strategy aims to reduce the frequency, severity and impact of preventable falls among older adults living in the region. The strategy was developed by the Champlain Falls Prevention Steering Committee, in collaboration with hospitals, primary care, community support services, the Champlain Community Care Access Centre and Public Health Units.
Dementia Resources Dementia Resources
The Dementia Resources provide information on dementia related programs and services available in the Champlain region: Ottawa, Eastern Counties, Renfrew County, North Lanark and North Grenville.
Primary Health Care Desktop Resource Guides Primary Health Care Desktop Resource Guides
These web-based desktop reference tools are for clinicians and other primary care health service providers. The template for the desktops has been developed and includes a number of key headings which are standardized for each clinical desktop and will also include a short list of related services, phone/fax and web addresses.
CHAP Resources CHAP Resources
This site is intended for seniors in downtown Ottawa who have attended a CHAP session at their family medicine office, or who are a looking for heart health information and programs available in Ottawa. Included on this site is information on healthy eating, physical activity, quitting smoking, and living well with diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.
Respite Personal Care Respite Personal Care
As part of the Champlain LHIN’s community investment strategy, a initiative has been developed to support seniors with medical conditions and adults with physical disabilities in their community.
Link to สล็อตออนไลน์ Linking to Champlainhealthline
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Medscheck MedsCheck
Chek out how MedsCheck helps you take your medication safely
Behavioural Support Ontario Behavioural Support Ontario
The Behavioural Supports Ontario mini-site provides information about behavioural changes, BSO-related health services and programs, and regional events and resources for patients, caregivers, and health service providers